Distributing winter clothes and medicine for refugees in seven different villages

Project Description

  • Budget: 112K
  • Beneficiaries: 10K
  • Status: completed
  • Category: South Lebanon | Bekaa

How it began

As the harshest winter approaches, refugee children will suffer and many will die without proper shelter and, at the very least, warm clothing.

How it worked 

A group of Dubai-based entrepreneurs cycled 92 kilometers to raise funds for UNDP Live Lebanon, in order to get the desperately needed basic items to keep these children warm and alive.


Success Story

“Live Lebanon’s generous efforts have been keeping our bodies and hearts warm since 2014. It makes us feel at home knowing that they are by our side during these hard times.”

The influx of Syrian refugees to Lebanon triggered an action from UNDP Live Lebanon as the harshest winter approached and many children where to suffer without proper shelter or clothing.

On January 2015, more than five thousand packages of winter clothing were distributed, and medical treatment was administered to children suffering from skin conditions within seven Syrian camps around Bekaa and South Lebanon. The packages included jackets, gloves, socks, scarves and caps, whereas the treatment covered Leishmaniasis, fungus, Eczema and other skin infections and allergies.

This intervention would not have been possible without the warm and generous contribution of Mr. Ghaleb Farha and his son Mr. Dany Farha. Over five thousand Syrian children were better equipped for winter and more than 1,200 treated for the skin diseases they suffered from.

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