Procuring a power generator for Bhamdoun Al Mhata Village

Project Description

  • Budget: 30K
  • Beneficiaries: 3000
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Bhamdoun | Al Mhata

How it Began

The deteriorating rationing of power has prompted many municipalities, particularly in rural areas where power cuts are most severe, to seek alternatives. These chronic power cuts have led to a dependence on generators to compensate for the lack of reliable electricity, especially when it comes to life saving matters such as road safety. Bhamdoun Al Mhata is an example of a rural area where streetlights are off most of the nights causing many preventable accidents throughout the year.

How it Worked

Live Lebanon provided a generator to the municipality of Bhamdoun Al Mhata to keep the streetlights lit at night. The solution has decrease the number of casualties amongst pedestrians and drivers.

Success Story

Electricity plays a key role in developing a community by allowing the use of essential tools for safety and survival.

In Bhamdoun, Mount Lebanon, around 200 villagers in Al Mhata village suffer from electricity shortage to light up their houses and streets depriving them from a consistent availability of a basic human need and causing risks of car accidents.

In July 2016, UNDP Live Lebanon initiative collaborated with The Municipality of Bhamdoun to install a special generator for Al Mhata village guaranteeing easy access to 24/7 electricity for around 200 villages.

Through the contribution of the UNDP Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador Mr Albert Matta, installing the generator was made possible. This made the roads safer to drive and walk on at night attracting more tourists to the village which increased the economic activity and the generator’s income. This convinced Al Mhata villagers to stay and not want to leave their home anymore.


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