Procuring an audio visual Library for disabled children in Kfardines

Project Description

  • Budget: 5000
  • Beneficiaries: 100
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Kfardines | Bekaa

How it began

The association of the kolob of Nour in Rachaya did not have the capacity to provide disabled children access to its academic and social facilities. Engaging youth with special needs in civic life and enabling them to be productive members of society are among the objectives of Live Lebanon.

How it worked 

We installed an audio visual library in Kfardines for disabled kids to better learn and enjoy themselves.

Success Story

Children with special needs at Koloob Al Noor association in Kfar Denis have always lived with the limitation of their physical conditions, and it was not fair to these special children to have to endure another form of limitation that may be solved. That was the motivation behind the generous contribution of Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha that enabled the 100 children at Koloob Al Noor to pursue an education customized to their special needs.

In November 2011, through Mr. Farha’s donation, Live Lebanon provided the association with physiotherapy machines, special tables, chairs, shelves, closets, and a minivan specially equipped for the children. Additionally, the initiative was lucky to have been able to provide over 200 audio-visual CDs, a TV, Headphone, and DVD players that were essential for the education of the children during a second phase of the intervention in 2013.

The support did not end there, as Live Lebanon was able to secure through the Ministry of Social Affairs teachers to work in the new centre, proving once again that overcoming obstacles is easy when there is a strong will at work.

Hope comes in many forms for the underprivileged, and over the years Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassadors have proven to be the manifestation of hope for many Lebanese all over the country.

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