Procuring essential equipment for Themar Al Rif Agricultural Cooperative in Kfarsir

Project Description

  • Budget: 14K
  • Beneficiaries: 16+
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Kfarsir | South Lebanon
How it Began

For the past 15 years, sixteen women of the Themar Al Rif Agricultural cooperative have played an important role in providing traditional Lebanese food to the residents of Kfarsir. Lebanon is known for its remarkable cuisine and the demand for traditional food is increasing exponentially. To ensure efficient production and steady supply, the cooperative needed support to procure essential equipment and assets.

How it Worked

Live Lebanon procured a Keshek mill, a thyme-grinding machine, a tomato squeezing/mincing machine, and a steel distiller to help the Cooperative boost both its production line and profitability.

Success Story

Lebanon is known for its remarkable cuisine and the demand for traditional food is constantly increasing. The support for local initiatives that aim to preserve Lebanese food heritage serves to provide economic opportunities in rural areas and improve agro-food industry productivity levels.

The women cooperative in Kfarsir is one initiative that aims to maintain the cultural identity of the village. Managed by a group of 16 dedicated women for the past ten years, the cooperative plays an important role in providing traditional dishes and produce to local consumers. With the success of the cooperative and the rise in demand for its products, the cooperative was in need of equipment and assets.

In September 2015, with the generous support of Mr. Elias Saad, UNDP - Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador, the cooperative was able to boost its production line and profitability through the procurement of the needed machines of keshek mill, thyme-grinding, tomato squeezing/mincing and a steel distiller.

With Live Lebanon’s help, the women were able to produce a wider variety of delicious foods and sustain their livelihoods.

“The equipment that Live Lebanon has given us really made our lives easier. Our incomes have increased since our production has grown.”

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