Providing a generator for the village of Marwaheen

Project Description

  • Budget: 17K
  • Beneficiaries: 3000
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Marwaheen | South Lebanon

How it began

With the lack of an efficient and functional generator, in addition to the shortage of electricity for 18 hours a day in Marwaheen, Live Lebanon felt we had to make a change.

How it worked 

We provided the municipality of Marwaheen with a generator.

Success Story

The electricity shortage is a national problem in Lebanon, and in many areas, residents are forced to generate their own electricity which comes at a high price, both financially and on the environment.

18 hours of darkness per day negatively affected the lives of people in the village of Marwaheen in Tyr. The municipality power generator was old and out of order, so the residents of the southern village had to find alternate solutions to generate their own electricity whenever possible. This was a costly inefficient undertaking that they shouldn’t have to endure under normal circumstances.

In June 2014, Live Lebanon, with the generous contribution of its Goodwill Ambassadors Mr. Fadi Salameh was able to, within the context of the Prosperous Lebanon Campaign, provide the village with a large generator, benefiting 3,000 inhabitants.

Bringing electricity to Marwaheen, has contributed to the welfare of the villagers by reducing pollution, lowering living expenses, and reducing other losses resulting from the long hours of power outages.

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