Project Description

  • Budget: 3000
  • Beneficiaries: 300
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Kharayeb | South Lebanon

How it began

The students of Kharayeb elementary school do not have access to drinkable water. Therefore, the children are left with dirty unfiltered water. The water these children are drinking may lead to major health problems that could be contagious, and additionally that will decrease their school attendance - thus affecting their education. 

How it worked 

The project consisted in providing Kharayeb elementary school with a filter, providing them with clean and drinkable water.

Success Story

It is Live Lebanon’s mission to make sure that basic human rights are met in the most underprivileged regions of the country. These include the right to have access to clean potable water at all times, no matter how remote the village is.

The children in Kharayeb Public School have been enduring the consequences of drinking polluted water for the past few years. They have suffered from health problems due to unfit water hygiene as the system at their school was obsolete and lacked proper filters to eliminate the bacteria and make mineral water pure.

UNDP Live Lebanon intervened in 2016 by replacing the old filtration system with a new one that was successfully installed in the school, making it possible for these children to drink clean pure water and preserve their good health.

This initiative would not have been possible without the contribution of UNDP Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador, Mr Fadi Salameh. The children of Kharayeb Public School now have access to proper filtered drinkable water.

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