Providing Marjeyoun Public School with new equipment

Project Description

  • Budget: 7000
  • Beneficiaries: 225
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Marjeyoun | South Lebanon

How it began

The need for academic and recreational equipments in Jdaidet Marjeyoun Intermediate Public School is urgent. There are a multitude of materials the public school lacks within its facility which will aid the school in educating its young students. 

How it worked 

The project provided the school with the necessary academic and recreational equipment identified by the students and teachers themselves.

Success Story

Receiving a modern education requires the availability of special equipment and materials, and accessible settings. These essentials are not available in many public schools in Lebanon.  In Marjeyoun in the South of Lebanon, the municipality’s public school lacked even the most basic services and materials to provide a sound educational environment for its students.

In June 2010, UNDP Live Lebanon was able to provide the school with a laboratory, music equipment, and recreational supplies in order to create a better educational environment for the students. This made them more eager to learn and make the most of the revived school atmosphere.

This intervention was made possible through the generous contribution of Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha.

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