Rehabilitating classroom facilities of Freiha Hajj Ali School in Nabatieh

Project Description

  • Budget: 49.6K
  • Beneficiaries: 200
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Nabatieh | South Lebanon

How it began

The Freiha Hajj Ali School provides education for a large number of Nabatieh students. The facility is unsuccessful in being a safe educational space for its students. The paint is old and cracked, water leaks from its walls in winter, and there are no indoor playgrounds. All of this has a dangerous effect on both the children and the staff’s health which is then reflected in their performance

How it worked 

The project supported a complete rehabilitation of the school by replacing the old iron windows with new aluminum ones, covering the playground to shield the rain, fixing the external fence, and repainting the walls.

Success Story

“No Words can explain how happy the students and teachers were with the new classroom facilities”

The underprivileged students of the Freiha Hajj School in Nabatieh, South Lebanon, were receiving their education under substandard conditions. The facility was in a very poor state and needed urgent rehabilitation. The moldy roofs and hallways, the classrooms with rusty windows and others without windows altogether resulted in a very unsafe atmosphere for the students learn in.

In January 2013 and through the funds granted by Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Ghaleb Farha, UNDP Live Lebanon initiative was able to organize and implement the rehabilitation of Freiha Hajj Public School. This entailed cleaning, painting, isolating the source of humidity, redesigning classrooms, and renovating the playgrounds.

More than 200 students are now studying in a safer environment thanks to another successfully implemented project sponsored by Mr. Farha.

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