Rehabilitation of Maroun Abboud High School

Project Description

  • Budget: 51K
  • Beneficiaries: 560
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Aley | Beirut | Mount Lebanon

How it Began

Located in Alley, Maroun Abboud High School is the only public high school in the area with over 500 registered students attending classes from neighboring villages. The school suffers from inadequate infrastructure, which acts as a barrier to enrollment, participation and proper education.mA suitable space to learn is one of the most basic elements necessary to ensure access to education. The health implications of inadequate toilets and sanitation are very serious.
How it Worked
The intervention included building proper sanitary facilities and fixing the water leakage in the ceiling. 

“Now we are able to provide our students with a healthy and clean environment that conforms with health conditions and the highest standards in modern buildings”. With these words, Maroun Abboud Public High School’s Principal Mrs. Sanaa Chehayeb described the successful intervention of UNDP Live Lebanon at the school.

The high school accommodates more than 500 students, and employs more than 60 teachers and staff members from Aley and the surrounding villages every year. However, the school suffered from serious infrastructure problems that included leaks in the entire roof of the building as well as broken and unhygienic toilets.

UNDP Live Lebanon initiative rehabilitated the school’s roof by installing new asphalt isolation layers and a suitable drainage system to prevent rain water from leaking into classrooms. In addition, the toilets were completely rehabilitated starting with the installation of a new sewage system, and new sanitary-ware and tiles. The walls were covered with a fresh coat of paint.

This initiative was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of UNDP Live Lebanon Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Saada Al Asaad Fakhry, who highlighted the significance of this project at the inauguration ceremony, “The achievement we did this year may be modest in size, however; it is great in its meaning and noble goals. Health and hygiene of the surrounding environment are basic issues that help the youth grow up to be healthy individual that can interact and persevere in order to succeed and excel."

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