Supporting the Holy Family Cooperative of Agriculture and Homemade Production in Qana

Project Description

  • Budget: 10K
  • Beneficiaries: 120+
  • Status: completed
  • Category: Qana | South Lebanon
How it Began

For the past eight years, the women of the Holy Family cooperative have played an important role in improving the living standards for the population of their rural society. They managed to create job opportunities, and sell their products in competitive markets. Their success story encouraged them to expand their scope of work to catering and manufacturing pastries and sweets.

How it Worked 

Live Lebanon supplied the Holy Family cooperative with the following equipment: a gas stove, a stainless dough cutter, a dough roller, five aluminium trays, a horizontal freezer, a whisker, five cutting tables, a digital scale, a crepe machine, and a pistachio nut chopper. This boosted the production level, improved the quality of produces, and expanded the scope of work to catering and manufacturing pastries and sweets.

Success Story

“Our productivity and our income has grown. We can even cater to big events now such as weddings, all thanks to the equipment you provided”

Over 55 women in Qana transformed their association into a fully operational cooperative with the support of Live Lebanon.

The Holy Family cooperative in Qana received essential equipment that enabled the women to increase their production and cater to a larger consumer base. This came as an answer to the increasing demand for the products and the lack of resources available at the cooperative.

In September 2015, thanks to a generous contribution from Live Lebanon’s Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Elias Saad, the cooperative; initially an agricultural and homemade products association that lacked any equipment, was able to expand its business and offer traditional Lebanese sweets and pastries for a larger market.

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